Press Release

April 18, 2016

Giza Update

Furniture Pricing Information has been updated

Brodart is pleased to announce that our Furniture Pricing Information has been updated in the Giza design and specification tool which many of you already use. Giza Software helps furniture professionals create appealing presentations, develop fast and detailed quotes, design simple and complex layouts, and generate comprehensive bills of materials.

The web update for Brodart’s product library with 2015 pricing is now available for download. You must have a Giza Software License and be registered on the website. 

Please follow these instructions to access and download our update:

  • Make sure to close out of any 2020/Giza programs
  • Go to the website and enter your log-in information
  • Once logged in, you will be able to search by manufacturer under “CATALOG DOWNLOAD”
  • Select Brodart and click “Submit”
  • Clicking on CAP Studio, Giza, or Worksheet will take you to the actual download page
  • Choose which download you would like to update
  • Save the downloads to your desktop, then run the installer from the icons
  • After installation, Brodart furniture products should be updated with current pricing

We continue to work on updating our product information in the Giza catalog with the goal of having a comprehensive furniture library as soon as possible.