LEED® Point System

The LEED® Green Building Rating System

Developed by the United States Green Building Council, the LEED® Green Building Rating System is a voluntary, consensus-based national standard for developing buildings that reduce or eliminate the negative impact they often have on the environment.  The LEED® System is based on the accumulation of points.

Earn LEED® points with Brodart Furniture

In keeping with our revolutionary tradition, Brodart Company has embarked on an effort to preserve the harmony of our ecosystem and restore its natural resources, which are often depleted during the manufacturing process.  By adopting the LEED® (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System, Brodart joins the building industry to promote environmentally responsible building practices. 

Our vision for the future . . .

As needs change in the future, the Brodart Company pledges to continuously adapt manufacturing processes in order to remain on the cutting edge of furniture design and production.  The LEED® points are merely one part of Brodart's commitment to the longevity of our environment.  Brodart takes conservation to heart and makes sure that each of our suppliers practice scientific forest management that adheres to the laws and practices established where trees were harvested.  As we continue to produce "Green" furniture, we will do whatever necessary to ensure that all facets of our business adhere to the highest standards set forth by a number of organizations including LEED®, FSC, and the Sustainable Forest Institute (SFI).