Studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between reading skills and personal success. The first step for helping children on the path towards lifelong reading is designing spaces where they feel comfortable exploring books on their terms. Quarx makes it easy to do just that — it helps make learning fun!

Quarx is a line of flexible furnishings specifically designed for young readers.


This innovative collection incorporates all of the characteristics of effective children's furniture:


-          Flexibility

-          Scalability

-          Options for tailoring form and function

-          An inviting presence

o   Pleasing colors

o   Areas for play and interaction

o   Integrated seating

o   Shelving that accommodates storage and display of books, as well as promoting children's engagement with books

o   Fun elements that encourage interaction


Installations can be as subdued or as vibrant as needed to suit the specific requirements of every project.


Additional pieces — including Showcase Boxes, Activity Panels, and Dry Erase Whiteboards — introduce fun elements that broaden the line's functionality and appeal.

Digital Assets

These assets will help you identify the right products to meet your needs. If you need more information, layout assistance or renderings, contact us.